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It is rightly said that “health is wealth” that means if you are healthy then only you will be able to experience all the color of life. The health of a person determines by his/ her mental stability, physical stability, emotional status, cultural behavior, sexual behavior and many more. Everybody spends their life but if he is not healthy, he can’t share the beauty of with their loved one. Nowadays people are living in extravaganza and are reckless in their life, no timetable no discipline because of change in everyday routine, our metabolism effect badly which leads to various kinds of diseases in a human being. We know that precautions are better than the cure, hence we all should take necessary action in order to check our health. Daily exercise, proper diet, drinking more water, sufficient sleep along with many other factors makes a man healthy, not only physically but also mentally. After all, if you are healthy enough then you would have money, success, as well as satisfaction.