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Techniques Used In Chiropractic Treatments

Techniques Used In Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic therapy is one of the manipulation therapies, which uses hands on manipulation techniques to treat musculoskeletal conditions like spine, back and neck pains. In chiropractic treatments, the practitioners use a different technique to treat disorders. Most of the techniques are spine specific techniques.

Techniques used in Chiropractic treatments:

Diversified technique: This technique is the widely used type of chiropractic adjustment and most of the patients are familiar with this treatment. This is the common spinal manipulation technique used by chiropractors. This technique involves high velocity and low amplitude force to restore proper alignment of the spine and joints.

Activator method: Instead of using high velocity and force with a hand an instrument called activator is used for treatment. This technique was identical to using paracetamol to treat lower back pain; similar to which this manipulation bound for by leg-length testing guided by palpation was considered substandard to the manual spinal manipulation. For the people who may not desire manipulation procedure can opt for Activator.

Gonstead Technique: This technique gained popularity in the 1960’s. Chiropractors use this for proper alignment of joints and to reduce pains. This is hand on adjustment technique and uses additional instrumentation like X-Rays, Gonstead Radiographic Parallel, a measuring device, and Nervo-Scope to make a clinical decision.

Cox Flexion/ Distraction: This technique uses mechanical and hands-on manipulation by utilizing a special table where the spine is flexed forward and traction. This technique used to treat disc herniations, non-disc spinal disorders and to increase spinal joints mobility.

Thompson/ drop table technique: This technique used for spinal alignment and extremity joints. This technique uses an adaptable table with several platforms called as drop pieces. These pieces move up by an inch in order to deliver the thrust. This process distracts the joint at some point in the adjustment. While reducing the force required for the adjustment, the drop pieces assist the thrust.

Graston Technique: Graston Technique used for treating and diagnosing disorders of the connective tissue and skeletal muscles. The method uses a combination of devices, about 6 made in stainless steel in a specific size and shape. These instruments are rubbed on the muscles to reduce and treat pains in different locations of the body.

Koren Specific Technique: KST is a healing technique used to correct areas of stress, interference, subluxation, distortion and blockage in the body. KST is used to release emotional and physical stresses, promote natural healing and improve body function. Most of the medical practitioners prefer KST in chiropractic treatments and it is more effective which give better and long lasting results to the patients.

Trigenics Technique: Trigenics is an evolutionary neurological-based manual or instrument-assisted assessment and treatment system. It is very safe and non forceful technique used by chiropractors. This technique instantly relieves pain, strengthen muscles and restores functionality. Trigenics is different from manual treatments, where it combines functional neurology with manual medicine.

Depending on the diagnosis and patient disorders, suitable techniques are used by chiropractic practitioners. Talk to the treating medical health practitioner to help you understand the requirements of your body.